DePonte Investments, Inc.
Corporate Synopsis

Beginning in 1985, DePonte Investments, Inc. was formed to focus on primarily commercial real estate development, leasing and management, and specialized in United States Government contracts. Through their principles and personnel, the various DePonte corporate organizations have been recognized as leaders in first, the Southwest commercial real estate development industry, and later have achieved national renown for projects across the country.

DePonte Investments, Inc. has successfully represented numerous national and international corporate and government clients. The largest single commercial lease and redevelopment negotiated to date has been a 335,000 square foot office building in Denver, Colorado leased to the Government on behalf of Provident Life and Accident Company of Chattanooga, Tennessee. DePonte Investments, Inc. was also responsible for the successful re-development of several large office buildings which include the Campus at Cherry Creek, 335,000 sq. ft. in Glendale, Colorado, the Tower Colorado, 125,000 sq. ft. in Denver, Colorado, and the Oklahoma Hunt Building 325,000 sq. ft. in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Recent projects of note include approximately 300,000 square feet (in two buildings of 150,000 sf each) for the Bureau of Indian affairs in Albuquerque, New Mexico.There are several additional buildings planned for this site. These buildings all meet or exceed the new federal requirements for a Level 4 security building, including progressive collapse structural systems, blast resistant walls, 100 foot setbacks, advanced security and backup systems, and many other leading edge security enhancements. The Department of Energy’s new 150,000 square foot office building for Sandia National Laboratory is a state of the art “green” facility, with top-level security features as well.

Over the last twenty years, DePonte Investments, Inc. has negotiated over 5 million square feet of leased space for corporate and government needs. Current projects underway will dramatically increase that total, with 650,000 square feet currently being developed in one site in Phoenix, Arizona. This project will include four high rise buildings and a 1500 car parking structure. Additionally, there are several major projects, each potentially over a million square feet, under negotiation at this time.

DePonte Investments, Inc. has grown rapidly by maintaining and intense focus on delivering top notch quality buildings to its highly specialized and demanding customers. The team has recognized the need to deliver this quality in a timely and efficient manner, keeping schedules and costs firmly in line.




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